Ministry of Interior : Upgrading of Digital Services of the Supreme Personnel Selection Council (ASEP)

Uni Systems implemented a solution that allows ASEP to provide all services to candidates through its online platforms.


The need was to create an updated, digital system that would provide faster and better applications for candidates, while reducing operational costs and optimizing processes for ASEP personnel, regarding data and information processing of candidates.


Indicatively, the functions that were upgraded with new infrastructure are: 

For institutions / candidates

Requests for searching and retrieving information, results 

Requests for personalized information management (candidate card, etc.) 

Number of external simultaneous applications 

Number of agencies for simultaneous information retrieval, management and submission of requests 

For ASEP employees 

Data entry / data change in applications 

Inclusion and grading 

Protocol management 

Project Details
  • Upgrade of existing electronic services 
  • Implementation of new electronic services 
  • Interoperability 
  • Equipment and software infrastructure 
  • Training on new processes
  • Digitization of printed material 
  • Transition training
  • Special safety studies 
  • System support 

The system of ASEP was updated with modern IT technologies, less and more efficient use of resources (paper, printer ink, etc.) and less used energy, minimized errors and omissions in the candidates application data input, automation of all operational processes of ASEP and significant alleviation of the bureaucratic burden for the citizens.