Aretaeion Private Hospital: Hospital Information System

Uni Systems supports the operations of Aretaeion, one of the largest private hospitals in Cyprus. Through the solutions offerred, the support and expertise of our Healthcare team, Aretaeion Private Hospital managed to digitize its systems and processes, automate the workflow of information among all departments and specialties, making the service of patients easier and more efficient across the entire organization.


A new and fully digital infrastructure that will allow patients to get complete and more efficient assistance and care when visiting the hospital. From digitized patient records to scheduling and billing processing, Uni Systems developed the customized solutions to fit the needs of the hospital. 


A project that provided solutions on the automatic workflow mechanism between doctors, laboratories and medical staff, management and automation of medical services, scheduling, planning and management of medical examinations, billing and insurance claim management, departmental systems, health records, individualized departmental health profiles, order processing, LIS, RIS, management of surgeries and anesthetic 


Customized Solutions, created by Uni Systems

Project Details

• Automatic workflow mechanism

• Automation of medical services

• Scheduling, planning and management of medical examinations

• Billing and insurance claim management, departmental systems, health records

• Individualized departmental health profiles

• Order processing



• Management of surgeries and anesthetic 


The solutions implemented by Uni Systems, offered Aretaeion Hospital significant time and cost saving for both the hospital and its patients, that is allowing doctors and the rest of the hospital staff to focus on what really matters; taking care of the people admitted, without having to worry about the administrative tasks that can be completed much more efficiently. Also, the process and system automation and upgrade has led to better flow of information inside the hospital that is offering better service to patients.