WIND’s Regulatory Compliance & Data Retention System

Submitted on 2011, November 2 - 15:54

WIND, a pioneer in data security, has set in full operation an Integrated Regulatory Compliance and Data Retention System designed and implemented by Uni Systems.The system fully complies with Law 3917 of 21/2/2011 on Electronic Communications Data Retention, confirming WIND’s strategic commitment to constantly investing in security as well as in ensuring its clients’ privacy.The system is based on a specialized security solution offered by the global manufacturer Sensage, represented in Greece, Cyprus and Southeast Europe by Uni Systems. In addition, the solution is complemented with the utilization of EMC/Governance Edition’s storage systems, which fully ensure data integrity. 

Mr. Petros Krogkos, Security Manager at WIND, stated, regarding this IT system:  “With a sense of responsibility to its clients and the authorities, WIND has systematically invested in keeping communication data completely secure and having all data readily available when this is legally required. The certification of compliance with the said law confirms the company's strategic investments, which were based on the EU Directive at an earlier stage, that is, before the law was implemented in Greece. Security and compliance with the authorities is a fundamental principle for our operation as a telecommunications provider.”  Uni Systems has implemented, and has been providing technical support to, the system, having undertaken to implement the project by taking part in the international bidding conducted by WIND Hellas.

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