Social Responsibility

Responsible Towards Community

Operating in an ever-changing environment, subject to endless social, environmental and business transformation, Uni Systems collaborates closely with employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the State in an everlasting dialogue.

Within this framework established by Uni Systems Internal Audit mechanism, Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility constitutes an integral part of the Company's culture, while at the same time commits itself in implementing all regulations and decisions set by the law,regarding environmental and social issues.


2018 report

The 5th Annual Sustainability Development Report was drafted in accordance with the core selection of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards on Sustainability and includes Quest Group companies with a total turnover of over 10% of the consolidated turnover in the past three years, among them UniSystems.
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2017 report

As UniSystems steadily evolves into one of the most recognized IT companies in the EU market, we believe that providing our stakeholders with comprehensive information on our strategy and main sustainability issues is of paramount importance. As a member of Quest Group, we address these issues in the 4th Annual Sustainability Report. 

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2016 report

The 3rd Annual Sustainability Development Report was drafted in accordance with the core selection of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards on Sustainability and includes Quest Group companies with a total turnover of over 5% of the consolidated turnover in the past two years, among them UniSystems.

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2015 report 

The 2nd Annual Sustainable Development Report of Quest Group. In this Report, as in the 2014 Report, we chose to include the Group members with total turnover of more than 5% of the consolidated turnover.

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2014 report 

In 2015, Uni Systems as a member of Quest Holdings, contributed its share to the production of the First Corporate Responsibility Report of Quest Group, structured in compliance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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Uni Systems is acutely aware of the diverse and challenging social problems we all face today and, through a series of actions and initiatives, based on Social Responsibility Management standard SA 8000, proves its commitment to optimal working conditions. Uni Systems implements actions as outlined in SA 8000 in the Company’s Management and Evaluation Systems as well.

The Company has established a blood bank in collaboration with the Amalia Fleming Hospital and is being an ardent supporter of this scheme, while supporting in a yearly basis the Mitera Foundation – A Center for the Protection of the Child of the Attica Region, by providing specialized therapies to children that are in need. As a result of this initiative, inmates of the Foundation have been successfully adopted by families during the past five (5) years.

Our Company actively takes action and participates in several humanitarian initiatives by making an effort to support relevant organizations and socially vulnerable groups. To that end, we support families affiliated to Mitera Foundation that are in need, we collected supplies for the Refugee Center in Piraeus and we support the City of Athens Homeless Shelter. 

Giving is part of our mentality.


Uni Systems recognises that prosperity and economy's growth is directly dependent on the sustainability of the environment, and man’s harmonious and balanced survival within that environment. It actively contributes to protecting the environment and saving natural resources by adopting specific rules and applying them across the entire Company.

Uni System follows a clear environmental policy and in doing so fulfils the expectations of its staff, shareholders and customers.The following principles govern the Company’s environmental policy:

Energy Savings| Our aim is to reduce the level of electricity, water and heating oil used and to recycle appliances, batteries, paper, plastics and other materials at all Company facilities. To achieve that, clearly-worded guidelines have been provided to staff about the rational use of electrical appliances, the air-conditioning system and all resources in general.

Company Cars| In the context of its environmental policy, the Company has replaced the cars provided to executives with new hybrid, low fuel consumption and low emission cars.

Appliance Recycling| As a company which takes a responsible stance on environmental issues and as a company which is aware of the importance of such issues, for several years Uni Systems has partnered with the first and only company running an electrical and electronic appliance recycling scheme in Greece, Appliances Recycling S.A. Uni Systems sends old or damaged electromechanical equipment, computers, and the like to Appliances Recycling S.A., which recycles or reuses them. 

Office space|  The Company’s facilities meet all the relevant H&S requirements and energy savings measures have been put in place. Third party access to company facilities is controlled by a special security team and all required personal protection equipment and firefighting equipment is available. The facilities have heat and sound insulation installed, old light bulbs have been replaced with new, low power consumption bulbs, while special recycling bins for batteries, paper and other recyclable materials have been installed at all facilities. In order to better deal with health, safety and environment-related issues, Uni Systems employees an occupational doctor and a safety engineer at all its facilities.

Supplier Compliance with Environmental Principles| As part of its quality system, when evaluating suppliers before concluding contracts and agreements with them, the Company examines whether said suppliers comply with environmental protection criteria in relation to the services and products they provide. The Company does not market products which do not comply with energy savings and environmental protection standards.

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