NORTEL Expands GSM-R Network to Two New Railway Lines in Algeria

Submitted on 2008, November 11 - 12:22

Following the GSM-R network contract with Deutsche Bahn, Nortel was selected by SNTF (Société Nationale des Transports Ferroviares) to provide the GSM-R technology communication network on two (2) new railway lines in Algeria.The SNTF is the first African railway operator to adopt the GSM-R standard, and the new contract on the two new railway lines will extend the original GSM-R network contract awarded to Nortel in 2006 for the El Gourzi-Touggourt line in Eastern Algeria.This new expansion contract includes integrating and connecting the GSM-R radio system to ANESRIF's core network, through the provision of GSM-R terminals, such as handhelds and cab radios. Nortel GSM-R technology supports the modernisation efforts of ANESRIF through the construction of new railway lines, the improvement of safety levels and the parallel increase in average train speeds, providing additional benefits in terms of safety, operating cost reduction and functionality.

GSM-R is part of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), which aims to achieve higher speeds and better train management, safeguarding maximum security and reliability among operation staff, drivers, technicians and traffic controllers. "Nortel has gained its global leadership in  GSM-R  through significant investment in the technology it develops  to meet the corporate needs of leading railways worldwide such as the Algerian ANESRIF and SNTF", said Michel Clement, President of Nortel Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa. Nortel’s experience in GSM-R telecommunication networks surpasses 10 years and the company implements more than 60% of these systems on 100.000 km. of rail line for railway organizations on three continents. Its customers include, among others, the national railways of Austria, France, Germany and Great Britain.  The company has also performed significant implementations in China, the Czech Republic, Italy, India, Lithuania, Slovakia and Spain. UniNortel, which represents the complete spectrum of Nortel activities in Greece and Cyprus, distributes the GSM-R solution and products in the Greek market.


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